Helidot Closing

Hi All,

After many years of developing and making cards with the Helidot range we have decided to close the web site.
However you can still find Helidot products on eBay.

Love to you all


Sophies birthday card

Hi everyone

I thought it would be nice to share with you the card I have made for my lovely grandaughter's
eleventh birthday.  I can`t believe that beautiful baby is about to start senior school in
September, the time just flies by. So for all the new grandparents out there make the most of your babies because in no time at all they will be starting school.


If you would like to make a similar card I have used the shapes from the Baby set including the
large B. The letters are from the Alphabet set, and the papers are from the bug Helidot papers.
with the red, black and vanilla plain card from my stash.

To make the large B with the peeping fairy.

Peel the waste from the large B and adhere to the red spotty  paper and cut out, then peel off and
cut one small circle in red card (sheet no 1303)
Peel off and cut out a small circle in vanilla card and a large circle in black(sheet no.1301)
Peel off and cut out two petal shapes from red card (sheet no.1302)
Peel off and cut out two large hearts and one small flower onto red spotty paper (sheet no.1305)

Glue together the two circles as shown in the picture and glue the small flower in place.
Add two black dots for the eyes and a red pearl for the centre of the flower.
Glue the two petal shapes together and add black dots these are the wings. Glue the head and the
wings behind the large B.
Glue the two hearts and the small circle together as shown in picture and glue to the front of the
large B so it looks like the fairy is peeping over the top.    

 You can now add any letters you like or just leave the peeping fairy as it is and use as a topper.

I will be back soon with some more ideas have a lovely weekend and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

Bee Happy


pot of flowers

Hi Everyone

As promised here is another card for you to make this time it is used with the Bee Set.
On your bee sheet 1101 you will notice you have quite a lot of spare petal shapes (wings)
so this is a good way to use them.
You will need to cut 3 thin stems for your flowers from green card.

1.  Cut a square 7.5x7.5 cm. from vanilla coloured card.
2.  Peel off large black circle from sheet no.1105 and adhere to the centre of the vanilla
3.  Peel off and cut out 5 petal shapes from sheet no.1101, 3 medium flowers from sheet
     no.1103 and 3 hearts from sheet no.1105 all in red card.
     Peel off and cut out 1 pot shape from sheet no.1103 and 1 circle in black.
4.  Make the flower using the 5 red petals using the waste from the circle you have cut out.
     Lay the waste sticky side up and adhere all the petals (as illustrated). Glue the black
     circle to the centre of the flower.

 5. To make the Butterfly:- cut one heart in half lengthways and glue behind the whole heart
      (as illustrated).

      Adhere to a 3d pad, add a flat backed pearl to join the wings(or use the
      sticky circle from the sheet. Position the butterfly onto the edge of large black circle.
      (see picture) using 3d pad.
6.    Trim the black pot down (as illustrated)and glue in place, inside the black circle. Add
       the large flower on the edge of pot using 3d pads.and glue in place, add the 3 flowers
       using 3d pads. Use the black dots or pearls for the centre of the flowers and also on the
      butterfly wings.

Hope you like this card , you can make it in so many different colours have a go.

I will blog some more ideas very soon.

Bee Happy


Hi Everyone

Hope you all had a very Easter, we certainly did quite a busy weekend it was also my sisters
birthday on Easter Saturday, so we went out with my husbands family on Good Friday and my
family on Easter Sunday, on the Saturday we had a family meal with the Grandchildren
so it has been a very happy time for us all. Now everyone is back to school this week and  we
all have the following Bank holiday to look forward to.

I just love Spring and it has certainly sprung early this year so I thought I would share with you
some flowers and butterflies that can be made very simply from Petite Fleur mini set, I have made
so may lovely things with this set I think it is so versatile, I really hope you will agree with me.

To make the daffodil:- cut out five shapes as shown below, in a pale lemon then 1 bell shape in a
slightly darker yellow, 1 stalk in green and two leaf shapes in green.
Glue together all five pale lemon shapes and add the bell shape. Glue the whole flower onto the
stalk and glue on the leaves.For the daffodil buds I have given the necessary shapes and colours    
on the last photo. All you need to do is cut them out layer the yellow shapes together add the green
leaves onto the yellow shapes and glue to a green stalk.

To make the blue bell;-
 Cut out the two bell shapes in blue and one stalk shape in green and two
leaf shapes in green. Glue the leaves to the stalk and glue the two bell shapes in place (see picture)
You will notice that the two different flowers are made from the same shapes.

To make the small butterfly:- Cut out four petal shapes in lilac and glue together as shown then
cut out one shape( as shown for the body) in darker lilac glue to the middle of the petal shapes for the body.  To make a larger butterfly just cut out 4 larger petal shapes.

To make a flower;- using the same petal shapes glue them together as shown and add a small flower
shape glue this to the centre of the petals and glue a circle on top.            

I will give you some more ideas for flowers next time, If you like the flowers they are all
available to buy as rubber stamps  as well as peel offs,which are on sale from the online shop.

Have a lovely week and I will post some more flowers next time.

Bee Happy


Easter chicks and Easter egg

Hi Everyone

Hope you have had a good week, can`t believe Easter is  nearly here already.
Hope you all have an enjoyable long weekend and I will blog again soon.

The shapes have been taken from the Fairies and Friends set
To make the baby chick:-
Glue the yellow fish shape to the orange fish shape leaving just the bottom of the orange
showing ( see picture)  
Glue the circle onto the top of the yellow fish shape.
Glue the trimmed orange star shape onto the  head for the beak.
Glue the trimmed yellow star shape onto to the back of body for feathers.(see picture)

Glue the flower to the centre of the oval (Easter Egg) and adhere to the card using 3d pads.
Make up two chicks and using 3d pads adhere a chick either side of the egg shape.

To make the medium chick:-
Glue the yellow circle onto the yellow oval, then glue the feather shape to the back of the oval to resemble feathers. (see picture) glue the heart shape onto the bottom of the oval sideways to resemble feet. Trim star shape and glue to the circle (beak). Lastly glue a black dot for the eye.

You could also use this chick with the Easter egg shapes, try cutting the egg in half and the chicken in half and glue the top of the chick inside the egg shape.

Have fun with these shapes you certainly don't need many to achieve a small card. I am always interested in what you make with the Helidot peel offs  and I would always put them on my blog if you were happy for me to do so.  

Have fun & Bee Happy


bee sticker mini book

Hi everyone

Hope you have had a lovely week, I had some friends over today and we had a really lovely day,
lots of chatting and we even made some cards.

Today our little book card is so easy to make as I have used the Bee sticker sheet and the Bee extra
sheet so no cutting of shapes just peel off and adhere to the cardstock easy as that,

Cut out for the front of your card,one piece of yellow card measuring......... 70x80mm
 and another piece ... 60x70mm , then a piece of lemon card measuring 75x65mm.
then matt and layer these three pieces of card, repeat again for the back of the card.
adhere a large daisy to the back and front(see picture)

Cut a piece of lemon card 240x60mm score at 60,120,180mm and glue  to the back of card (see picture).

For the inside  cut out two pieces of yellow card 50x50mm
then two pieces of lemon card 45x45mm matt and layer them  together and glue in place (see picture)

Adhere the bees and flowers from the sheet and add the text and black dots from the Bee extra

For the sleeve cut lemon card 170x30mm and glue together making sure the finished sleeve is big enough to take the mini card book,adhere add a little bee to the front of sleeve.

If you want to 3D any images from the sheet always adhere them to a piece of thin card first and then cut out the shape.

Hope you enjoy making this, I will be back soon with some more ideas from the sticker sheet.
You will be surprised how many cards you can make once you get going.

See you soon.

Bee happy



daisy in pot

Hi Everyone
Hope you have had a good week.Thank you for the E-mails I have received welcoming me
Today I have made a cute topper (very easy) again using shapes from Fairies and Friends,
Petite Fleur and All about Babies. If you dont have all these sets, try and use what you have.
You could use a tiny flower for the pot instead of the heart shape and a different shape for the
leaf i.e.perhaps a small petal or a different heart shape. You will be surprised what you can use
when you really study the shapes.

Cut  a piece of Willow spot paper 4.5cm x7.5cm. Then mat and layer onto dark green card 5cm x 8cm. This is the topper base.

Peel all the shapes onto coloured card and cut out.

Make the daisy flower using five white petals and a yellow circle for the middle.
Using the waste from the circle adhere each petal onto the sticky side of black waste(see instruction sheet).

To make up the flower pot trim the triangle  from the pointed end as per picture adding a black sticky line along the edge.Glue this to the topper and adhere the yellow mini heart in place.

Glue the green stalk coming out of the pot and adhere the green heart(leaf) in place.Now glue
the  finished daisy onto the stalk.

To make up the ladybug cut the red circle in half, add some small black peel off dots. Glue the
small black circle in place for the head. Finally glue the ladybug onto the side of pot adding the black waste from the antenae.

 Some people find cutting out the very small circles difficult, in this case you could use a black    
 flat backed pearl instead..

Hope you all enjoy making this little topper.

Be back soon for some more samples.

Bee Happy


little house in the forest

Hi Everyone

As promised my instructions (I hope you can understand them) for my little house in the forest.
Sometimes we have lots of bits left from the sets this is a way of using them up. I have used
Willow paper with spot and chalked around the edges with darker green chalk.
Most of the shapes are taken from Fairies and friends and The Bee set, I have only used one
shape from the All about Babies and if you dont have this set just use another small heart from
the Fairies and friends set for the smoke and perhaps a mini flower for the door, I  will leave the
decision to you.

Cut a piece of Willow spot  paper 65mm x 75mm matt this onto a piece of dark green card
measuring 70mm x 80mm.  This makes the topper base.

Peel off the shapes onto the coloured card and cut out. Build the house first by glueing the red
roof  cross over the honey pot shape. Glue the white daisy flower in the middle
of the two roof shapes where they join. Glue the chimney in place at the back of the roof. Glue the windows in place after using the black lines to make a criss cross design on each one.
Glue the door in place and trim the bottom.Add a dot from the sheet for the handle and add glue a small heart on the door (optional).

Make up the trees by trimming the tree trunk shapes as necessary and glue the flower shapes and
heart shapes on the top. Put the topper together using the pictures as your guide.Lastly glue
everything in place and  add six flowers as illustrated in the picture, adding a dot in
each flower centre and the heart smoke from the chimney.

You can make up a card to your own design or just use the topper in the centre of a card blank.        

Have a good week and I will be back soon with some more ideas.

Bee Happy



Back to Life!!!

Apologies for not blogging for so long but life in the Helidot house has been a bit fraught for the last year due to illness.
Hopefully now we are back on top of it I will be posting some new ideas, watch this space.

Bee Happy


All about bee's

I thought I'd post a picture of some of the sample boards that go to shows with me so people can see the finished creations.

This board is from the All about bee's peel off set

This board is using the Bee sticker set
Don't forget there is also an easy step by step guide showing you how to use Helidot peel offs. It's that easy even kids can create cute little cards and projects using Helidot peels offs and stickers.

Step by step guide

All these can be bought from the website Helidot.com just click the link and voila you're in the shop.

Bee happy

Helen x

Workshop at the Craft Barn

The Craft Barn had a workshop last week using the lovely Helidot Bugs and Friends stamps set. The lovely Carole Staples decorated this box and isn't it just one of the cutest things ever!

You can purchase this gorgeous stamp set from our shop www.helidot.com for just £19.99

Bee happy


Crafting with the beautiful Sophie

I got to spend two wonderful days with my beautiful little grand daughter Sophie. I love it when she comes over as we get to spend quality time together crafting. We spent our first day creating with Helidot peel off's here she is crafting away

And here is one of her finished pieces

I think she's done a fantastic job so neat and proving that Helidot's peel offs are so easy even children can create fantastic cards too.

On our second day we finished off the dolls house that I've been loving repairing and bring back to life. Sophie had so much fun putting all the little bits of furniture back into their rightful places

Bee happy

Our Summer workshop in the Cabin

Here are some photos of our lovely weekend in July the weather was hot hot hot
and we were very comfortable with the air conditioning in the cabin.
It was a treat to be able to have all our meals in the garden. I would like to thank my lovely hubby for all his help along with my daughter Emma who as usual was a star, not forgetting my dear friend Jackie who always helps me on these special days we wouldn't do these days without them.    

Here are a couple of the cards that we made on the day...........

The snail was made from the Fairies and Friends set and the new BEE sticker set.

The hats and bags card was made from All About Babies.

I have used the Helidot papers on both cards......

I will post some more cards soon.

Bee happy

More Stamp ideas

Promised to post some more designs yesterday but the computer was playing up,
it is OK now so here are some ideas from the stamp sets..........

I have paper pieced the background and the bag from the Night Helidot papers,
the flowers and teddy bear are using plain brown and white paper, and the
leaves are pieced from Clover Helidot papers.

Wendy has made this card, she has paper pieced the bag using Clover Helidot papers and  the flowers
from Honey Helidot papers the rest of the image she has used her pro markers.
She has added a small snail from the Garden set 1 along with a tiny flower.
She has drawn a small tag and added this to the handle on the bag.

Wendy has made this card it is beautiful it has been paper pieced with the Helidot papers she used Willow for the background and Clover and Bee for the flowers and leaves.
She has added a little snail so cute.
The pots are papered and then distressed with an emery board.
All these images are from Garden set 1.
The Happy Birthday is from the bee words available from the on line shop.

These images are also from the Garden Set 1, The first one is painted with stamping up markers used as paints.
I have highlighted the background with Wink of Stella  clear brush pen, these don`t show up very well on this photographed image but they are so sparkly....gorgeous they are available from Hobby Art.  


This card is made from the same image as above, this time I have paper pieced it using plain grey paper
for the mouse and Belle Helidot papers for the flowers
I have chalked around the flowers to give them a bit of dimension. The backgound paper is Helidot Storm. I have finished both cards using flat backed silver pearls and the Happy Birthday wording from the Bee extra set.

The above card, has also been made with Garden Set 1, I have paper pieced the images and
coloured in the snail shell with coloured pens . I have added glossy accents to the shells to give
dimension and added  red pearls to their hats.I love these snails......

More samples really soon

Bee Happy

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New stamp sets

Here are some samples from the new stamps sets.....

These two samples are from Bumble bear:-
I have paper pieced  the whole image and highlighted  the flower with wink of stella glitter pen  ( available from Hobby Art) The happy birthday image is from Craftwork Cards.Add a small black pearl for the nose.


The next two are using the Bumble bear without the wings and the flower, and using the flower, stem, leaf and ladybug from Garden Set 1 .  All the images have been paper pieced and using pearls for the nose and inside of the flower. I have chalked the edges of the flower and decoupaged the flower.

I will post some more images tomorrow.

Bee Happy


Ideas for the Decoupage Sheets

Here are some ideas using the decoupage sheets, all you have to do is follow the numbers on the printed sheet. This is the way you build up your decoupage.
I have used the Helidot papers WILLOW SPOT and chalked around the edges with a soft green.
The happy birthday message for the bee in a pot card is from Craftwork Cards.
I have finished the card using gold flat backed beads.  Really easy.

The second card the teddy in a circle has been made in a similar way again using Helidot papers BEE GINGHAM and chalked around the edges using a soft yellow.
Use an additional flower cut from the sheet on a sticky bud as a stopper.
This card is an easel card, and is also finished with flat backed gold beads.  Also very easy.

The next cards have been made by Wendy, she has used the decoupage sheets,
but has used them as toppers cutting around the teddies and using the extra heads as balloons.
She has used half a flower from the sheet for the girl teddy, and used the bees wing as the bib.
She has decoupaged the remaining head and feet.
Wendy has used theHelidot papers in the gingham BEE paper and finished with
the new text sheet and flat backed black pearls.  

Finally a little peak from one of the images from the stamp set Big Mice and Bunny Set......hopefully will be on sale in the next week along with lots of other new stamps,if you like Helidot you will love them.

Bee Happy


Pop up Bees

These cards seem to be really popular at the moment, so I thought I would make one using the
Bee Peel offs, they are so easy to make they just require a little bit of time and patience.

We will be making a similar card to this on the Helidot weekend in July for all those that are coming
we have a few places left on the Sunday so if you are interested contact me for details.

It was lovely seeing everyone at Biggin Hill last weekend, and also to share ideas with new customers.

My new stamps will be available to buy very soon from the online shop.

A date for your dairy The Craft Barn June weekend 7-8 June. I will be there on the Sunday..
hope to see you there.

Bee Happy

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Crafty week with kids

What a busy week its been, Monday we had a lovely day with Charry showing us how to use Pan pastels on a canvas not something I have ever done before but really enjoyed it.Thanks Charry for your inspiration.
Really looking forward to another arty day with you.

Then it was Sophie`s day making all her Easter presents, she loves to get in my cabin and spend time crafting. Well done Sophie everyone loved their present.

Jonnie made a lovely card which he drew freehand, he will save the card for Fathers Day he said.
Well done Jonnie, he admitted he enjoyed doing some crafting sometimes better than playing on the X Box all day, roll on the Summer holidays.

Bee Happy

Jackie`s cards

Here are some cards made by my lovely friend Jackie, she made a whole box full so I picked out a few...
she has lots of lovely ideas and loves to use die cuts which you can see in her envelope card, very pretty.
Thank you Jackie for these lovely cards keep up the good work.

Bee Happy

More ideas using the Stickers

Here are some more ideas using the Stickers and they have all been done by Wendy, clever you!!
You will see that Wendy has used the Stickers in a completely different way and we think they are great and hope they inspire you to create your own designs.
More ideas soon.

Thanks Wendy!!

Bee Happy

New Stickers

Hi Everyone,

As requested by lots of you that hate cutting out but love the Helidot designs we have made it very easy for you to create some of the cards using the new stickers.
This first set features the Bees and Bugs and I have created a single sheet of peel offs which compliment this set, this can be found and purchased from the online shop.
The Helidot papers will work very well with this set of stickers.

Here are a few examples of what you can do either using them flat or using them 3D, if you use them 3D its best to peel them off onto thin black card that way you won`t loose the black outline.  For extra dimension it is good to use pearls and jewels.


More cards and ideas very soon!! And more new products are on their way!!

Bee Happy,


New stickers

Just to let you know I have some lovely new stickers which are based on some of the card designs from the
Bee set. So all of you that dislike cutting out all the shapes can now create the cards using the stickers!!!
Here is a sneek preview and they will be for sale.from the online shop really soon.


I have some other goodies on the way soon, at the moment they are at the printers but as soon as I have piccies I will post them on the blog.

Bee Happy


New card on You Tube

Many thanks to Becki from Hobby Art for videoing me demonstrating how to make a cute little Duck tag from the All About Babies set, here is a picture and the coded shapes I have used....

You can watch the video on You Tube by clicking or copying the link below....


I will be posting some more You Tube clips soon.

I plan to be doing a Demo at the Craft Barn on Saturday, hope to see you there.

Bee Happy


Love for Valentine

Here are two more ideas for Valentines day.... For the I LOVE YOU card I have used the circles and large heart from Fairies and Friends.
The large letters are from Christmas words, and the small letter v and words from the Bee set.  These cards are a great way of using all the spare bits and pieces of the various sets as they all can work together really well.
Try using these cards in other colours for different occasions you will be
very surprised at what can be achieved.

For the LOVE BUG card I have used the circle from Fairies and Friends.
Two small hearts (feet) two large petals(wings)  from Petite Fleur.
Fat oval for the (body) from Seasonal extras and Bee head, antanae and alphabet from the Bee set.

Next month we will be at the Sincerely Yours papercraft show in Bracknell.If you come please visit our stand  and say hello.

I will post some more cards soon.

Bee Happy



Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all, I hope your Christmas was a joyful time for you all.

Valentines is just around the corner so I have made some cards to celebrate the occasion.

I have had a sort out of all the half used peel offs and this is what I have come up with, hope they will be helpful to you.... the first one is using the Christmas words the L O V E letters and squares, large heart ( from Fairy and friends)
sheep head, ears,small flower and small heart ( from Petites Fleurs) and the alphabet and words from the Bee set.

  The second card is using Large letter and medium letters from the Christmas words,
large circle, medium circle,and medium hearts from( Fairy and friends) teddy hands and small hearts from (Petites Fleurs) and the alphabet is from the Bee set.


I will post some other valentine cards or love cards in the next few days,  in the meantime
I hope these cards will give you some inspiration.

Bee Happy



Last Christmas card

Well we are nearly there and I expect you have already sent all your cards....I must admit that I have a real problem starting with the Christmas cards and then I don`t want to stop as they are always so colourful so these are the last Christmas cards I will be posting this year.  They are so easy and are made using the Christmas sets.  I will be working on some new projects now for the new year so I will wish you all the best for a happy Christmas and new year and a huge thank for your custom this year.


Bee Happy


More Christmas ideas


I can`t believe it`s so few weeks until Christmas, where has the time gone.  The year has just flown by.

Here are some more ideas using the Christmas sets:  The fat robins are made using the new mini set
" Christmas Words".


This card is made using shapes from the  the Seasonal set , Seasonal extras and Christmas Words

and finally for today the last card is made using the Seasonal Set and of course all the cards are made using
the Helidot papers.

Hope this has given you some more ideas, more to come really soon.

Bee Happy

More Christmas cards

Here is another card that I've made using the Large letters from the new mini set.... it does use shapes
from the other Christmas sets.... if anyone is interested I have some kits for sale with instructions for £3.00.
Just contact me by E-mail or phone which can be found on my contact page.

Here are the shapes and accessories you need to make the above card.......

Here are some other cards you might like they are all made using the Christmas sets...

Hope these will give you a few ideas more very soon.

Bee happy


Back at last

Hello at last

What a busy time its been in the last few months... something had to go on the back burner and it was the
Blog.... I wont bore you with all the details of my busy few months but this has been keeping me busy for the last few weeks....

Its absolutely lovely and great to have lots of space for workshops and classes, no more village halls!!

We forgot to book the painter so our weeks break was spent painting, well Jon did it all.  Anyway he certainly did a brilliant job, I just did fiddly bits on the windows.  Luckily the weather was lovely.

We had the first workshop on Saturday, and everyone  has said they enjoyed the day and looking forward
to  more next year.

Here are a few of the cards we made on the Helidot workshop on Saturday.

I have a mini set out for Christmas which should be for sale online any day now..it has been designed to
work with  the other Christmas sets and mainly comprises large letters and Christmas words, as the above card shows.

All the cards are made using the Christmas sets, but I have used petit fleur for the mouse.

I will blog some more cards really soon using the new mini set.

Must close now as I have a class tonight, just thought I would show a little of the inside set up for this
evening. I am so excited!!

Bee Happy


July worshop projects

As promised a little late I'm afraid but here are the cards we made on the workshop,
I have attached some little pictures to help with some of the cards, hope you like them....

The above card is made using the All About Babies set.

The above card is so easy to make and is using the Petites Fleur mini set.
The daffodil is mounted on a spellbinders die.  

The birthday sentiment is cut out from the Craftwork cards sentiment circles.
This card is made using All About  Babies set, the handle of the watering can can be made from the large letter G.


This card is made using a mixture of All about Babies and Petite Fleur sets.
The small flowers are available from me, although they are not currently on my website.
If you want any please contact me, they are available by the metre.

This card is made using the All About Babies set, but I have taken two squares from Fairies and Friends
which I have used for the sails.

The final card is made using the All about Babies set.
I have used Helidot papers in all the above projects and they are available to buy on the website.

I have a new set which will be available to  buy within the next month.. it is a mini set which has been
designed to work with the Seasonal set and Seasonal extras... I will post some samples soon.

The next show we will be attending is Sincerely Yours at Biggin Hill on September 1st, hope to see you

Bee Happy




New cards from Rachael

A huge thank you from Rachael for these lovely samples made from the All about babies new Helidot set...
I must apologise for not blogging these sooner but we have just come back from a lovely holiday in Cornwall and then we have had a family party which was absolutely lovely... but now we are back on track so I will be sharing some of the cards we made on the Helidot workshop this week.  But for now here are the cards Rachael has made and I think you will agree they are lovely........

Thanks again Rachael.....

Bee happy

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October Workshop date

Thank for the lovely cards and messages that you have sent me over the last couple of weeks.
I am so glad you all enjoyed the day.
Good news is we have arranged for another workshop day which will be predominately Xmas, and will be held in the same Hall on Saturday October 12th, more details to follow.
If you want to book please email me from the contact us page.

Enjoy the sunny weather.

Bee Happy


Helidot Workshop

Thank you everyone that attended the Helidot workshop in Bletchingley Village Hall for your lovely comments and I'm so glad you enjoyed yourselves.
We made six new card projects during the day using the new All about Babies set and the Petite Fleur mini
 I will be putting copies of these card projects on the Blog during the next couple of weeks.

The day proved to be so popular that I will start organising a another day in October date to be confirmed by the end of this week.

Here are some of the photos of  everyone hard at work.....

and here is my friend Jackie who helped me all day along with my family, a huge thank you to them all for all their help.,

I must apologise for not sharing any ideas lately with the new All about Babies set but the photos below
are just two of the cards made with the set, full instructions are in the book. All the papers are available
from the online shop and are called Boy and Angel, these contain 2 extra plain colour co-ordinated papers and cost £1.99.  We are still offering free P&P.

More ideas really soon

Bee Happy



Biggin Hill show


Next Sunday is the Sincerely Yours Biggin Hill Show hope you will be able to come and look forward to seeing you there.

The workshop day in July is now full and I hope to be able to have another one about October time.

Been really busy just lately making all the samples for the new set, its going to be called 'All About Babies'
I have had so much fun doing the samples and it will be ready for the Craft Barn extravaganza on the 1st June. Its a bigger set with six sheets of peel off shapes and some lovely large text.  I will also be selling an accessory set to go with it so you can have everything you need to get started straight away.
I have designed some gorgeous papers in pale pink and pale blue along with coordinating plain papers.
These will be part of the accessory set, they will also be available to buy individually.

I will only be at the Craft Barn on the Saturday as on Sunday I am doing the Sincerely Yours show in Bracknell.

I have given you a really easy card to make below which uses the Petites Fleurs mini set......
All the flowers are made using the large (A) and small (B) petals and circles (I) and (J) from the sheet no1201 and the flowers either side are the mini flowers (S) on sheet 1203 with black dots for the centres from sheet no1202  I have used the text paper from the helidot range colour (BELLE) which is available to buy from our online shop and is now packed into 8 sheets 2 of each design priced at only £1.50. FREE P&P for limited period only.I have used some coordinating cardstock from Bazzill and some lovely jewels.

Watch out for our new range of pearls and jewels, coming soon,  which coordinate with the Helidot papers and enhance the designs.

Bee Happy


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Happy Easter


Happy Easter to you all, well its nearly over now and its still freezing cold... when will the weather get warmer?  I must apologise for not getting back sooner about the date for the workshop day but I have
now booked the hall for Saturday 6th July  If you are interested please contact me by E-Mail and I will give you all the details.

I have been busy with the new set which I have been so looking forward to producing it should be ready in
about 4-5 weeks, its a slightly larger set with patterned and plain papers that match exactly.
We are producing a booklet with step by step instructions to make it easy for you to follow, and there will also be plenty of inspiration in the centre of the book with lots of cards to make.
Craftwork cards are producing some lovely sentiments to compliment this set  which will be available to buy from our website soon.
Its all about Babies..... so cute!!!   I will give you a little taster really soon.

Below are some more cards I have made using the Petite Fleur set... The first card is the lamb... if you already have the set the lamb is made with the same shapes as the hanging basket (Q and W and X) also shape( AA) for ears and tail.  The other shapes are (S) the flowers.  Hope that helps.


The next card is also made using the Petite fleur set  a little bit more involved but still quite easy.
The rabbit is made using the shapes (M and O) for the head (L) is for the arms just by cutting in half lengthways. The dress is made by using (R) layered twice. The pocket and shoes are shape(T). The legs are the same as the sheep shape(W and X) The basket is made using the waste from the layered dress(R)
turned upside down and the collar on the dress is a flower (S) cut in half. The leaves are the small heart shape (U). and all the flowers are shape(S).  The large heart shape is a sissix die which is available from the Craft Barn at Priory Farm.All the papers I have used are from the Helidot range which are available from my web shop.

My next workshop will be on the 20th April at Lovingly Made in Felbridge it will be great to see you there.

Bee Happy and stay warm!!



Helidots Workshop


It was lovely to meet so many ladies last week at the Make It show.... thank you for all the kind comments about our Helidot samples.  I really hope you enjoy using the shape art, and come up with
some unique ideas for your cards.

I am planning to do a workshop day sometime this Summer,locally in my village of Bletchingly I'm looking at a hall on Tuesday, if it is suitable I will get it booked and give you all the date in the coming week so keep looking at the Blog.  I have currently filled half the places so please let me know asap if you are interested.
You can email me on helen@helidot.com

I thought I would show one of the cards from The Petites Fleur set along with all the coded shapes, there
are three step by step full colour instructions included in the pack, and retails at £3.75.  I can`t believe myself
how much you can make with this set it is so versatile, I will share some more ideas later  in the week once I've got the date of the workshop.



I think you will agree she is so cute.  Happy Mothers Day to you all.

Bee Happy

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New shapes with Petites Fleur

Here are some ideas using the petites fleur set, instead of making up cards I have given some ideas just using some of the shapes... hope you like them,  these are just a few of the many this set can make.

I am holding a workshop next Saturday 23rd February at Lovingly Made so if you would like to  come along please ring them on 01342321766 or book online.

The  photos below  are just some of the flowers that can be made with this set and the butterflies are made using the same shapes as the large flowers. Butterflies can be made with lots of different petals or leaves but I thought these were quite pretty.I have used the Helidot papers as the small patterns are just perfect for
all the small images.

Hope to see you at the Make It Show on March 1st to 3rd

Bee Happy

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Love is in the air

Its nearly here that is February 14th Valentines Day.  Just a couple of ideas using the Fairy and Friends set.

The text is taken from the Bees and Bugs set, the paper is from the Helidot range (Honey)spotty.
The black pearls are from Woodware available from the Craft Barn Lingfield.

The leaves are from the Petites Fleur new set all the other shapes are from the Fairies and Friends set.
The text is from the Bees and Bugs set. Pearls are from Woodware.Backing paper is from the Helidot
range (Bug) text.
I will be back later this week with some more ideas.

Bee happy



New Set available soon

Yesterday I gave my I.T. guy the info on the new set so it should be available in the next few days....
I love it you can make lots of lovely images without using anything from the other sets. I've also given the printer the go ahead for some new paper colours so they should be available to buy fingers crossed by the end of February.
So much going on at the moment I am in the middle of the next set which I hope to have by
May-June, I have been really excited by this set as I have been wanting to produce this one for ages. It will have a book like the other larger sets....I just hope everyone will like it. More info on this when I am a bit further forward with it.
Just a little peak of the new set

Here is another sweet card again using the Fairies and Friends set .......

I will be doing a workshop on February 23rd all day at Lovingly Made in Felbridge using my  new petites fleurs set, please contact them direct on 01342 321766 or by E-mail. if you are interested in coming.

We have been busy booking some shows this year and we will be at the Make It show at Farnborough from 1-3 March.  Hope to see you there please come and say hello.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Bee happy


Its all about Flowers

I will very soon be able to share set no.5 with you its called petites fleurs and is proving to be quite lovely.
Lots of petals and leaves as well as some large letters. The flowers are gorgeous and all the shapes are very
versatile.  The mini sets have really been designed to work in conjuction with all the different sets.
However, I have been playing with the new set for two weeks and have made a real assortment of cards.

I will give you lots of ideas once it is available to buy..    

The cards below are both made using Fairies and Friends set.  Really easy to make. I hope you like them.  

Thanks for looking. Will share some more cards very soon.

Bee Happy

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Back at last

I apologise for not sharing any cards for so long, but life has been a bit difficult since the middle of October, My father died suddenly and then 4 weeks later my lovely step-dad had a  serious.heart attack, thanks to my sister being there when it all happened he survived and is making good progress.  So I am starting to get back to some normality now.  I hope you all had a happy Christmas and I wish everyone a very happy new year.

Below are some cards which I have made using the Seasonal set along with the Seasonal extras, all these cards can now be adapted to make birthday cards just by changing colours and substituting holly for leaves and flowers and of course the wording.  Sometimes I think it is quite a good idea to leave some cards blank as you can always write a lovely sentiment inside. The Santa belt card can be changed to a different colour
i.e. greens and black and you have a card for those difficult men in your life.  Let me know what you achieve.    

I am working on another mini set at the moment it has lots of new flower and leaf shapes which can be used to make some cute new creatures my favourite is a fairy mouse.  The set should be ready in about 3- 4 weeks.  It will adopt the same format as the Seasonal Extras with the project ideas and designs being with the 3 sheets of shapes.This set can be used as an extra to the other Helidot sets.  
I will be holding a workshop sometime in February at Lovingly Made using the new set. If you are interested  in coming to a workshop with me please contact  Trixie or John on 01342 321 766 or online at www.lovinglymadeltd.co.uk during January..

Below is a little example from the new set..

Thanks for looking

Bee Happy

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Helidot on You Tube

After many requests last Friday Becky from Hobby Art and myself decided to make a You Tube video featuring a simple demo card from the Helidot`s Seasonal peel off set.
This is a new idea and therefore there are no instructions for this in the booklet.

Well done Becky!!
I hope the link below works!!
Look out for more demos in near the future


Also I will be at the Craft Barn this Saturday 6th October, demoing my new Seasonal Extras, look forward to seeing you there.

Bee Happy


Lovingly Made Workshop

Yesterday I held my first workshop at Lovingly Made, and what a lovely day we all had.  If you havent visited Lovingly Made yet I would strongly recommend you do.  The owners John and Trixie Bradley make
everyone so welcome with their lovely home made cakes and coffee.  They have a lovely shop where you can browse and a beautiful studio where a lot of the workshops are held. The opening hours are Thursday to Sunday 10.00am - 4.00pm..

Here is one of the cards I made with the group yesterday, using the Bee peel off set.

I will be at Lovingly Made on 17th November
hosting a Christmas workshop so if you would like to join
me please contact them on 01342 321 766 or you can contact them on their website www.lovinglymade.co.uk.

On Friday 28th September Lovingly Made are having a coffee/Tea afternoon to raise money for McMillan charity there will also be a make and take so go along and enjoy.

Bee Happy



Crafts Beautiful Feature

In this months Crafts Beautiful Xmas special Zoe Pearson has used the Helidot Seasonal peel offs to create some simple but lovely Xmas cards.
You will find the article on page 26 and she has made 7 different cards with the peel offs and Helidot papers.

I would also recommend you purchase the Seasonal instruction booklet for lots more ideas that are not featured in the article.

Bee Happy!!

New Seasonal Extra launch

Following a successful launch of my new Seasonal Extra set at Biggin Hill, I have been asked to put the cards on the Blog.
The instructions for these 3 cards are on the leaflet which is included with the new Seasonal Extra set.

Also just wanted to share with you my Grandson`s third birthday card which is created using Faries and Friends and the new Seasonal Extra set.

On Saturday 8th September Lovingly Made are opening their doors for a demonstration day from 10.30am until 3.30pm
It would be lovely if you could come along and join us.
Coffee and Cake will be provided for everyone.

Find them at......
The Homestaed
Off Copthorne Rd
East Grinstead
W Sussex
RH19 2QQ

Hope to see you there

Bee Happy


New samples from TV

Thanks for all your lovely messages which I have received before and since I went on Create and Craft with Jenny from Hobby Art, and of course a HUGE THANKYOU to Jenny for inviting me on her show.  I was so nervous for about a week before but as soon as I arrived in the green room and met all those familiar faces I felt so much better.  I must say it certainly was an experience!!!!!!
On the way home the grandchildren rang and they were so excited I hadn't seen them as they had been on holiday so Sophie said she had to see me as she had a surprise for me and here it is a gold medal for doing so well who needs to win a gold in the olympics when all you have to do is make a few cards and demo them on the television.  

As promised here are some of the cards from the seasonal set which I demoed on T.V.
The fairy can be made using the instructions from the Fairies and Friends set
but instead of using a skirt and wings you use holly from the seasonal set.

The instructions for the large penguins are in the seasonal booklet but the baby is made using small circles for  the head and the body is made using the smaller oval shapes (AB) on sheet no 2108 and the small lights(Y) on sheet no 2107 are the flippers. The foot is the same as the large penguin.  Hope that is helpful. The pudding is made using (AK) and (P) simply glue one on to the other add a few black dots from sheet no 2109. Add three holly shapes from sheet no 2108 and three circles to resemble berries or just use 3 large red pearls or jewels.  The J and Y are the waste from the J and Y on sheet no 2109.  
The parcels are using the medium square ((R) and (O) for the faux ribbon the bows are made using (K) x 2 on each parcel with a (T) small heart finished with a jewel.
All the patterned papers I have used on the above cards are Helidot papers.

Lots going on at the moment I will be bringing out a mini Christmas set very soon hopefully by the end of August ,  it will compliment the seasonal set so I am busy with that at the moment.

I am joining a new company called Lovingly Made and will be hosting a workshop there on 22nd September  so if anyone is interested please go on their website.

Looking forward to seeing the girls down in Balcombe for a really fun day with my friend Charry will post some pics after next weekend and will share some of the projects we are making.

Bee Happy



Create & Craft TV!!

I will be appearing on Create & Craft TV this Monday 30th July as a guest of Jenny Mayes, Hobby Art at 3pm.
How exciting, do tune in a see my Seasonal set and cards!!!
I will show the new demo cards on my Blog next week....!

Lisa B Designs
We had a lovely day today in Maidstone with Lisa and her ladies.
So thanks to Lisa and we hope you all enjoyed the day as much as we did.


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Lisa B Designs Demo Day

I will be demonstrating with Jenny Mayes from Hobby Art at Lisa B Designs Demo day.
Its at Fant Community Hall, Maidstone from 10am on Saturday 28th July.
Look forward to seeing you all.

Bee Happy!

Craft Barn Weekend

It was a great weekend as it always is, lots of lovely people enjoying all the demonstrations... its such a shame we don't have the time to enjoy what each other are doing.  What a surprise is was for me when I arrived in the morning to find a little parcel on my table from Rachael I opened it to find these lovely cards which she had made for me.. I'm sure you will agree that they are just lovely. Thanks Rachael!!!!!

The top two are very patrionic... just right for the olympic games.  

My new papers went very well at the weekend and are now available from my website as well as the Craft Barn  I have had such a good feedback about them so thanks everyone its always  good to have feedback from our customers. I love the colours and the small designs work perfectly with the peel offs.

Here is a  new design from the Fairies and Friends set using the new papers (Bug as the background).

While I was at Craft Barn Jon went to Bracknell with Sincerely Yours this was their first year at Bracknell, it was a  good show for us, although he couldn't manage the demonstrating so thankyou to our lovely friend Charry for helping him on the day.

Looking forward to Hobby Arts day on the 21st July if you havent booked your place yet give Jenny a ring on 01737 789977 it should be a day of fun, Look forward to seeing you there.

 Bee Happy


Craft Barn Extravaganza Weekend

I will be demonstrating at the Craft Barn on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July.
Do come along and say hello if you are in the area.
You will also be able to see my new Helidot Papers!!

Also Jon and Charry will be at the Bracknell Sincerely Yours show on Sunday 1st July.... a busy weekend!

Our Latest News

First of all a great big sorry we haven`t blogged for so long, but we took a well earned rest and spent a holiday in Menorca.........and very hot, unlike England!!!
We have now printed all the papers but have not yet been able to put them into the online shop yet, hopefully next week, the colours are lovely and the four designs are very small and dainty, I'm really pleased with
them, so I hope you will like them.

We have just come back from a successful show in Taunton with Sincerely Yours and just before our holiday we did a show at Biggin Hill.
Here are some pictures taken without us knowing by Jackie at Biggin Hill.

Thanks Jackie and a huge thank you to Charry for all her hard work on the day .....
and this is a photo of Charry and myself enjoying a well earned meal and drinks after
the show to celebrate Charry's special birthday.  We had a lovely evening with live
music,  we did let Jon come with us as he had worked hard all day, and he paid!!!!!!

Here is another little card I have designed from the Fairy and Friends set, it is so easy to
make but here are the instructions.......

Peel off all the above shapes onto grey card and cut out, except for the inner ears (small heart) onto pink card.
The large heart and small heart have to be cut in half vertically. Then glue half small heart to half large heart and glue to each side of the head.
Glue the head to the top of the body at an angle. Glue the tail at the back of the body between the legs.
Finally glue the trunk to the pointed end of the head. Add two dots for eyes and a small bow around the trunk.
That`s all for now....

Bee Happy!!

Make and Takes at the Craft Barn

Hi Everyone, just home from the Craft Barn after a day of make and takes, it was great to share and explain how to use the Helidot peel offs. I met a lot of new ladies today and the feedback was grea,t they all loved what they made and they did really well. Thanks everyone for making my day so enjoyable.
Here are the cards we made from the Bee set......

And these two below were made from the Fairies and Friends set......


Busy day tomorrow with my Grandaughter`s 7th birthday and she has asked me to do a craft party.
I will share the cards they make and pictures of the kids if their parents allow.

**** New Helidot designed Papers are on the way, they include 4 different designs in 10 colourways and will be available to buy on the web site very soon (hopefully in the next 2 weeks) Look out for them, I am really pleased with them.

**** See you at Sincerely Yours Biggin Hill on Sunday 20th May.......come and see my new Papers!!!

Bee Happy

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Craft Barn

I demonstrated my new Fairies and Friends set at the Craft Barn yesterday.
A good day meeting lots of new people and looking forward to seeing them again on May 5th for a day of make and takes using Helidot products.
If anyone is interested in joining us for the make and takes please phone the Craft Barn to make a booking.

I had some really great feedback which is encouraging and most people loved the new set as it is so versatile and here are a couple more examples.

The shapes I have used for Teddy are from Fairies and Friends and are illustrated in the booklet.
The only difference is that I have used yellow for shape BG and used the black lines to represent a Bee body.
The wings are shape AQ (heart) put onto white card, cut in half and stuck to the back of the body

The Flower pot is made from shape A with the pointed top cut off and the tag is made from shape B also with the pointed top cut off.
Black lines are added to cover the bottom of the pot and top of the tag.
The butterflies wings are made from shape AR . Peel off and cut out three of these shapes, glue two together point to point and cut the third one in half longways and glue at the bottom of each wing.
The body is shape L glued on top of the wings, finally the antennae is the waste from AU and AV.
The Flowers are shape BB and BC and the centres are AC and AD.Draw face on with fine tip markers.

More ideas soon!!!

Bee Happy

New ideas from Debbie and Wendy

I asked Debbie and Wendy if they would like to make some samples for me, I had no idea they would make so many..... wow!!  They were brilliant and illustrate how versatile the Peel offs are, just use your imagination and your own style.Thank you both so much for all your hard work!!
And they said they would make some more, so I will share their ideas later with you .  Here are their lovely designs made from a combination of the Bee set and Fairies and Friends set....
The first 4 are Debbies....


The next are made by Wendy.....

We will be at the Sincerely Yours show at Thetford on 1st April, hope to see you then,,,,!

Bee Happy

Monday at Japonica

What a lovely sunny day it was for Japonica's day down in Devon.  Met some lovely ladies... here are some of them showing their cards that they made from the Faries & Friends set with me.

They were a really friendly bunch and thanks for a lovely day.
And it was good to meet Janet and to see Francoise Read.


Busy weekend at Leigh

We had a busy weekend at Leigh and it was great to see so many new customers!!
In fact Vicky came back on the Sunday to show us the card she had made on Saturday evening using the Bee Peel off set.
As you can see it is a lovely card, well done Vicky.......its always good to get feedback from our customers.

Next stop Thetford on 1st April, do come and say hello if you are in the area.

As promised here are some more card design ideas using the Bee set

The small flowers are available by the metre from the Craft Barn, Lingfield

Hopefully you can see the shapes I have used to create these designs.
The vase is the large Bees body with the top cut off.

Here is another idea, this time using the "waste" from the flowers in the Bee set, code U and the lines from sheet no. 1103. Also the "waste" from the letters, sheet no. 1104. I have just added pearls to the centre of the flowers. Just use your imagination to make lots of different words, for example you can make a very quick thank you card just using the word Thanks.

The next card is made using the new Bee stamp set.
This time I have stamped out the shapes and used them on the reverse to create a softer effect, this looks really nice if you use some glitter glue.

The Flower is made using heart shapes, code Z, so is the leaf and the lady bugs are made using the small oval, code M. I have used black pearls for the lady bugs heads and centre of the flower.
The edges of the card are chalked and red pearls for the corners.

More ideas to follow.....

Bee Happy!!


Coventry Show

Last weekend we went to Coventry with Sincerely Yours it was a very enjoyable weekend, we met some lovely people and we got some really good feedback for our new Fairies and friends set and the new Bee stamp set.
Congratulations to Anne Moore from Coventry who won our free prize draw....!

Next weekend we will be at the Leigh show with Sincerely Yours, come and say hello!!

Jenny and Chris very kindly took my Helidot products to the Trade show last weekend and had a good response so a big thank you for all your continuing support.Jenny is on Create and Craft tomorrow at 9am and 3pm..
The stamps she is demonstrating are just gorgeous.

You will find the instructions for this card in the Fairies and Friends booklet.

I will try and put more sample cards on the Blog after the show in Leigh.

Bee Happy


Fairies and Friends

Set No. 3 is now available, called Fairies and Friends.
I have had so much fun designing this set as I just love fairies.
The feedback so far has been more than encouraging, so I hope you will like it!!
I will be at the Craft Barn on Saturday 7th April demoing Set No. 3, look forward to seeing you there.

On May 5th I will doing make and takes all day at the Craft Barn using Helidot products, if anyone is interested in booking an hour with me please call the Craft Barn 01342 836398

We are very busy at the moment getting ready for the Sincerely Yours Coventry show next Sunday and the Trade show at the NEC where Hobby Art are displaying my products, Jenny and Chris at Hobby Art will be acting as my wholesaler from now on.
............. so we all need the snow to clear!!

This Fairy card with all the instructions is in the new booklet, as is the Moo Cow card, see below.
Please note there is no alphabet sheet in Set no. 3, I have used the alphabet and wording for these cards from the Bee set.
But the good news is you get 5 sheets of shapes in this set.

This Card can also be made using the new peel offs from Set 3, ideal Birthday or Easter card.
This shows you what you can create using this versatile set and your imagination.
There are loads more ideas in the booklet.......do visit my web shop.

Bee Happy!!!!

New Stamp Set!!

The Helidot New stamp set will be available to purchase from the web shop from the first week of February.
It is called Bees and Bugs and it using exactly the same shapes as the Creative Peel off set (Bees) , so it can be used in conjunction with the Creative step by step booklet, which is currently available from my web shop.
As you can see there is no alphabet or wording included, but is available in the Peel off set.

This means you will be able to create all the cards which are currently in the booklet plus lots more, just use your imagination!!! Have lots of fun crafting!
I will be demonstrating the stamp set at the Craft Barn on 4th February, so hope to see you there when I will give you lots more ideas.
These are two new cards which have been made using the set or you can make them with Peel offs.

I have nearly finished the third Peel off set and will be able to show some examples later this week.
Its very versatile and I have had good feedback from friends who have seen the samples!!
Can`t wait to share it with you...hopefully it should be completed by the end of February.

Bee Happy....!


Seasons Greetings

Sorry I haven`t been blogging just lately but I`ve been really busy designing Set 3 which should be ready early next year......its just lovely and I can`t wait to share it with you!!
Also I am developing a stamp set to compliment the Bee set......its all very exciting!! but time consuming.....!

As we had a good response when we went to Biggin Hill with Sincerely Yours, we have decided to do some more shows next year........

Coventry - Feb 19th
Leigh - March 3rd and 4th
We hope to be at Thetford on 1st April and back to Biggin Hill on 20th May, so do come and say hello.
More dates later, so visit the Blog next year.

I will also be demonstrating at the Craft barn on ....
Feb 4th
May 5th
June 30th and July 1st

Just a little Bee to keep you going, very easy to make, although his legs are the antlers (AD and AE) and his shoes are the large lights (D) from the Seasonal set.

The caterpillar is so easy to make just use the large bee head (B) and the inner head (C) from the Bee set

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year, and thank you for your custom and support during 2011.

Bee Happy


New Ideas using Seasonal set

Here is a close up of some ideas using the Seasonal set that are not in the book.

These are the shapes from the Seasonal set that you need to make this Robin card

Again the shapes are from the Seasonal set

Again the shapes you will need

This Card is in the book and it is one of my favourites. Its very easy to create and these are the shapes you need

We had a good day at Maresfield with the ladies at the Bowling club on Monday with the help of Charry.
They loved the product and enjoyed the class.

This is a lovely Card from Wendy which she kindly gave to me on Tuesday using the Seasonal set and I think it is brilliant. She gave everybody in the class a stunning card so thank you very much and well done Wendy!!

More  ideas soon!!!

Bee Happy


Free Prize draw winner

Congratulations to Clare McFadden from Redhill who won the free prize draw at Biggin Hill.
Hope to see you all again at the Sincerely Yours shows next year!!

Look out for my article based on the Bee set  in Issue 74 of Papercraft Essentials......!
Also a lovely recommendation for my Seasonal set on page 8 in the December issue of Crafts Beautiful....!

More ideas coming soon.